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Vamag is a small reality borned in 1981 to operate in AUTOMOTIVE sector of test benches and equipments for tyre centre and garages.
In a fisrst time of its life the company prevalently operates in marketing this products and equipments.
From 1990 Vamag starts with manufacturing activity concentrating in development of new products and technology for Italian and foreign market achieving a high level precision and reliability in realization of its products.

Vamag starts in AUTOMOTIVE sector as manufacturer of test bench for brake in 1990 creating two different version of benches ( rollers,platforms ) for each category of vehicles to satisfy every kind of demand. Parallelly progresses to the realization of a car suspension tester which leads Vamag during years to sell a great number of equipments,also OEM,proving to have a proper KNOW-HOW realizing a good quality/price report.
In 1993 starts a long process of research and develop in dynamic power test bench and road simulator.Now Vamag has a product of first category with high level precision with model 9190-04 RS/SM.
Starting from 2002 Vamag realizes speed tester VELO 40 used to test maximum speed of moped and motorcycles and in particular it's used to analyse vehicle exhaust. From development of VELO 40 borns speed tester VELO 3R/N that makes same tests also on 3 wheels,4 light wheels and quad.
In 2003 was realized,with own trademark,the fisrt machine to test wheels geometry called AM2003 which uses bluetooth technology and become in few time at the top of range.
In 2007 Vamag wins its long battle for truck platform brake tester ( MULTI PLD/C ) which is the first and the only one to be omologated in Italy by transports ministry at the moment and unique in Europe.

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